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In the last 3 years, Paige’s work has transformed businesses, relationships and families and has generated 10 Million in new wealth, putting this force for good in the hands of men and women with servant hearts. Everything she does is grounded in the Human Design System.

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Your energy directly effects your business in ways many of us can barely comprehend. Because most of us have to SEE something to believe it’s there (which happens to be our biggest downfall.) But something we all know, we can all feel is that we have a purpose.
You just don’t know what it is.

Every choice we make, every moment we experience DERIVES from this purpose.

And all the answers, any resource we will ever need to live that purpose and to achieve it with the least amout of resistance possible— can be found in the Blueprint of our DNA.

What if you could SEE that blueprint?

It would activate and facilitate you owning your full personal power AND help you build a successful business that FEELS good, makes money.

. . . . . . .

// You can watch the Video below to learn more about the journey here //

Fast Forward: Paige Filliater owns a thriving mentorship and consulting practice, that allows her to use her natural gifts of strategic thinking and pattern identifying AND her learned skills of digital marketing, business stabilizing, optimizing and scaling. 

In 2016 she and her ex-husband founded a local Juice Bar and in 2018 decided to turn it into a Social Enterprise with a pay-what-you-can structure. 

Her clients have created over 10 Million Dollars collectively in 2018 and will double that in 2019. 

(She vproudly talk about how much money she makes and how much is possible for you too— we are shifting the money paradigm one conscious conversation at a time.)

She works with powerful women and thoughtful corporations who have built successful businesses, but with a calling to do better so they can do more good. 

Her clients are magnetic, raw, truth tellers who are here to impact the world.

They are open to try things they never have before to get results not even THEY could imagine. 



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