Winter? Don't Know Her: a Game of Thrones Human Design Read

I don’t have guilty pleasures but I do have rather basic ones and Game of Thrones is no exception. I have been watching since I picked up Season 1 DVDs at Family Video in 2012 (right before Season 2 started) and watched, alone in my shoebox bedroom in the apartment I rented for $250 a month with no hot water. I suggested it to the tall, semi-into me, bald guy I had just started dating and he was hooked.

He binged it and we watched Season 2 together, constantly theorizing and analyzing the plots (most of our theories have yet to be proven OR debunked.)  Two years, an entirely EXTRA wedding and 2 jobs left later, another little human and GOT fan was born to join us on Sunday nights.

Essentially, my transformation was catalyzed the same time I found Game of Thrones and after diving into it’s Human Design Chart (yes, shows, dates, places, buildings, businesses all have designs) I see why.

If you have never heard of Human Design, it’s NOT a personality test **hand in face** so calm down, sharon.

It’s a system that is a synthesis of a few other systems, including iChing, Astrology, Tree of Life and Quantum Physics. When you find yours, you’re essentially handed the owners manual to YOUR body, your vessel and how to move through the world with the least amount of resistance.

I did an entire introduction to human design series on my Podcast here and you have find yours by entering your info on the homepage of this website.

Kay, all formalities aside let’s dive innnnnnnn



GOT’s type  is…to the shock of no one (okay probably everyone but me) is a Manifestor. It makes complete sense considering how semi-popular it is and how non-rabid it’s fans are (written in font titled: sarcasm)

Manifestors. Are. Polarizing. When they walk into a room, people are catalyzed and some people are  almost offended by their mere existence because they can FEEL the density of their aura. You’re either a fan of the Manifestor you encounter or you’re not— and if you ARE a fan, you are die. Hard.

Game of Thrones focuses its energy on those that LOVE it and exactly zero on their critics (and they have plenty of them.)

Most importantly, Manifestors are here to initiate MOVEMENTS. Not meetings, not small gatherings, not popularity … can’t escape it, it’s everywhere MOVEMENTS.

I would say Game of Thrones is in alignment with it’s Type, which it’s experiencing such success, rather gracefully by leaning into those who are a fan and giving no thought to those who aren’t.



Game of Thrones expresses it’s energy through the ⅓ profile— the courage to try new things AND, it has.

Once considered a show solely for the fantasy nerds, it has all of the standard excitement that draws people in, sex, battles… the usual. Game of thrones is a commentary on the major political and social issues of the day and it isn’t afraid to try what others have not (hellllloooooooooo arya’s moment of glory that would typically be given to her brother.)

It invites us to dive deep into the character and understand the foundation of their decisions (hello line 1) while also taking us on unexpected and novel development journeys with each. Ultimately we realize that no “mistake” was every truly a mistake, that it was crucial to THIS moment AND that we still have no damn clue what is going on.



Game of Throne’s authority is Emotional, it is all about experience. This is all about the journey, the twists, the turns, the highs, the lows and the gifts that are in each of their moments. Realizing that without those moments, the outcome is meaningless and void in feeling. The experience is charming, cruel, fierce and wild — all leading up to the it serving it’s ultimate purpose on this planet… it gets there because of emotion, not in spite of it.

For emotional authorities the decision has to be made based on emotional attachment (or lack thereof) to the journey— not the outcome.

I think we could all agree, no matter how this ends… it was the journey there that has made a lasting impression on us, forever.


Type, Authority and Profile give us so much, in fact if you only knew ONE of those things and lived by it every day, you would see your life transform rapidly.

But the nuances and potentials in the chart are extremely important to self-awareness (and awareness of the other) and ultimately the way we receive the entire gift of ourselves.

So lets look at the honorable mentions in the Game of Thrones Human Design Chart

Defined Crown and Head with direct flow of energy from Crown to Throat. Meaning there is a clear path from Inspiration, to Conceptualization, to Actualization. And this bitch, is SMART. One of my personal favorite parts of this show is the nuance, the storyline under the storylines, the intertwining of those storylines and the mystery of it all— it makes me think (of course because my crown and mind are open…)

It’s Cross (it’s purpose here on Earth) is the Personal Cross of the Maya and this particular quarter is all about exploring inner truths (emotions/instinct) AND logical patterns. Which is why there are moments wherein characters make decisions that break their patterns and clearly come from a place of inner truth OR you see characters betray their truth in favor of logic. Archetypes are presented to us and then destroyed, keeping us on our toes and it’s medevial fantasy used to serve as a mirror for modern day reality and reminds us (because it is TV show) that this is all an illusion of our own making (maya = illusion.)

It’s Conscious Sun (the light that makes you shine) is gate (or gene) 42 with line 1, which is the recognition and acute capitalization of trends (HELLO heavy feminist storylines the last 3 seasons) and it’s Conscious Earth (the resource that lets you root in) is Gate 32 is the life sustaining respect and attention to all aspects of a process.

If you have ever watched the interviews with the production staff after each episode, you will hear just how much attention they give to every single part of the process because they are aware that THAT is what sets them apart.

Maybe I am partial to this particular nuance (because I have it) but whatever, this is my article… GOT has a defined with the 25-51 channel, it’s the shaman channel, it’s the channel that bridges the ethereal and spiritual with the material and its presence shocks those around it and initiates them into their next level version of themselves— whether they are ready or not.

Which brings us full circle (my english teachers would be super proud that I was able to tie it back to the beginning— or disgusted by all of the grammatical errors prior to it, I dunno) and to the most satisfying and let me keep it funky… divine part of analyzing the human design of Game of Thrones.

The most sacred part of it’s mission (the personal cross of the maya) is that it is a CHANGER of the Maya and is closely connected to the 7-year cycle of evolution.

Game of Thrones has been the only constant in my life over my drastic evolution over the last seven years and as it’s seventh and final season comes to a close, I am feeling the feelings without judgement or shame. This show and the very real emotions it gave me access to, the real-world issues it made me face, the examples of female leadership I didn’t have growing up with and it’s consistent presence in my life have changed me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to prep the snacks (and myself) for tonight’s episode.