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The day you were born you came into this world with a knowing. You come here on purpose.

WITH Purpose



But you have forgotten— most of us have

The reason this is important to MY story and to yours is that your energy directly affects your business in ways many of us can barely comprehend. Because most of us have to SEE something to believe it’s there (which happens to be our biggest downfall.) But something we all know, we can all feel is that we have a purpose.
You just don’t know what it is.

Every choice we make, every moment we experience DERIVES from this purpose.

And all the answers, any resource we will ever need to live that purpose and to achieve it with the least amount of resistance possible— can be found in the Blueprint of our DNA.

What if you could SEE that blueprint?

It would activate and facilitate you owning your full personal power AND help you build a successful business that FEELS good, makes money (if that is your desire) and creates profound impact.


**The door swings open and you see me standing there amidst pink smoke, crystal crown, silky white dress and stilettos …with the glitch mob playing in the background.**

I was born into a religious family (my mom was a Sunday school teacher and my uncle and father were both singers in the Christian church) and when I was six years old we abruptly left the church and never looked back. Except I did, I went back by myself many times, something kept pulling me back. There was something there for me, that wasn’t THERE— if you know what I mean.

Growing up I saw things, I saw people, I knew things, I knew people. It was almost magical.

Little flickers of who I was would faintly glow, usually in the form of talking to myself or knowing exactly what a friend needed to hear throughout my life. But for the most part, the wounded little girl manifested in perceived failure after perceived failure. Barely graduating high school, legal trouble and joblessness.

It wasn’t until I was 25 that I started speaking truth to my power, to my gifts.

I intuitively started a local social media marketing company that evolved into multi-six figure digital marketing agency. On paper it was successful, but at the sacrifice of my relationship with myself, my marriage and my child. Some clients were getting exceptional results and others were not, my empathetic nature meant that I carried those lack of results with me, every single day. Until everything just stopped working.

I had no choice but to burn it all to the ground and re-structure the business around WHO I was— meaning I had to dive into THAT work. The energetic work, mastering the unseen forces that were controlling my life.

Always a student and always a teacher, that work is always ongoing but what I have built from the ashes— I am deeply proud of.

Today I have a thriving mentorship and consulting practice, that allows me to use my natural gifts of strategic thinking and pattern identifying AND my learned skills of digital marketing, business stabilizing, optimizing and scaling. 

In 2016 my ex-husband and I founded a local Juice Bar and in 2018 decided to turn it into a Social Enterprise with a pay-what-you-can structure. .

My clients created over 10 Million Dollars collectively in 2018 and we will double that in 2018. 

(I proudly talk about how much money I make and how much is possible for you too— we are shifting the money paradigm one conscious conversation at a time.)

If I were to put it simply (and I DO love to simplify all of this), people in my presence (my energy) are naturally activated. They innately start to understand and harness their power. It’s like a cool party trick, only— massive. My ex-husband left his job at a steel plant (after 8 years there) 3 months after meeting me, he is now a successful real estate agent and owns a popular juice bar. I hired a cleaning lady who JUST started offering the service to make extra money, 3 months later she’s hiring employees, incorporating and signing corporate clients. My personal assistant is launching TWO companies this year annndddd this list goes on and on.

In my world there is no judgement, there are no limits to your success (set by anyone but yourself.) But it’s not just about the activation, it’s about integrating it into your life, understanding what is happening— it’s about being proactive vs. reactive.

I don’t believe in dogma, rules or hierarchy— I believe in truth, love and maximum exposure to both of those things (and aliens.) I won’t tell you what to do, who to be or who you should work with. I will simply be, and as you are— hand-in-hand we will move the world.

If you feel called to learn more about me, about yourself and to FEEL the vision I see for you—