Calling Bullsh*t

I have this fun little game I play with myself… I like to pretend all of my moments of resistance are just me honoring myself and my energy. “Mmm, well it doesn’t FEEL good right now so I am not going to do it.  I think I’ll binge watch the OA for the 7th time…I’ll...

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Compassion is Work.

Everything I thought I knew about MYSELF was turned on it’s head tumbling into November 2016. The internal war between lightworker/influencer/ally/advocate started to come to a crescendo. And my excitement built because I know after a great internal war is a gift— a superpower. A virtue. So I couldn’t wait. WHAT was the Virtue going to be. and all I heard over and over and ovvvveerrrrrr again was… read more

How Our Relationship with Our Mother Can Limit Success – Part 1

So, we all know there was a little Women’s March last weekend. And listen, however you feel about the march, it happened and it was an energetic activation. And with any activation/energetic upgrade— there are emotional, physical and relationship resonance things happening. You’re experiencing strong emotions, you may be feeling sick and mossstttt likely you are experiencing some dramatic resonance (re: not really feelin) happening in your close relationships. It’s how this energy thing works. read more