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And the cost of misalignment is catastrophic. Why is the Ad that has brought in $5,000 in revenue monthly stopped working? Why is the program people are drooling over not selling? Why does every team member you bring on leave you hanging? Why did your strategy work a week ago but isn’t converting now?
Sure, it could be targeting, positioning, budgeting, marketing, sales, messaging…


It could be none of those things.

What would it mean to you avoid misalignment (a botched launch, lost sales, nightmare clients?) What would it mean to you to have an Energy Work AND Brilliant Strategist read the energy of you, your team AND your project, someone that could pin-point  the spot that needs adjusted, the ability to heal it and the powerful, solid business and advertising strategy to propel you forward.

I imagine it would mean everything.
My work with my clients and their energy has facilitated perceived miracles and catalyzed groundbreaking transformations, sometimes in just moments. My Business, Sales Funnel, and Facebook Ad Strategies have co-created $100,000 months, $200,000 quarters and $500,000 years for my clients— with a million in the pipeline. As a practitioner, I create a vortex with my clients that creates massive, earth-shaking impact. It is powerful strategies meets mystical steroids. It’s feminine divinity meets masculine activation and it’s unlike anything that’s being done in the business world.

It’s modern day Magic.

“If you’re on this page you are in the right place. I just want to take this time to tell you about Paige Filliater and what she does, because quite frankly, it is magical.

I was in the space where I wanted to epic-ly leap forward (that’s kind of my thing), when I wanted to step-up into my next space, I looked no further than Paige.

Paige came in and did TWO amazing things for me.

One, she came in and did the practical things. Facebook Ads that FINALLY worked, sales funnels— smart, smart, smart. Her brain in my business was awesome stuff….

but then she did the OTHER thing.

She was able to hold energy for me that allowed for new clients that aligned to me, to just…find me. Her support at my recent event was invaluable, I really cannot put a price tag on it, but I felt so solid and secure on stage knowing she was there supporting not only ME but also my whole community.

If you want someone SUPER smart, extremely energetically connected to come into your business, see things as they are AND how to lift you up to your new way of being (and she knows all of the right words to get you there) …it’s Paige”


Laura Wright – Transformational Sales and Business Coach

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for the love you put into Raw, I cannot thank you enough. You are the creative and marketing genius behind it and I could not have done it without your love and support. Having you by my side made me feel so much stronger. It was a huge success.”

Maru Iabichela – Prosperity Coach and Creator of Infinite Receiving

“Paige has helped me step more fully into my power inside my business than ever before. She has supported me in the process of reorganizing my packages to better serve my clients while calling in women I absolutely ADORE and know I can help the most. She helped me align with the truest part of myself and we’ve translated that into a method of serving my tribe that feels like amplifying the volume of my heart’s message. Together, we are creating systems to simplify and connect more deeply with my true calling and highest power. I love what I do and Paige helped me fall even more deeply in love with the WAY I get to do it. Thank you beauty, you are a true gift!”

Amber Lilyestrom – Amber Lilyestrom, Transformational Branding & Business Coach

“I don’t even know where to start. This is part testimony, part love letter, part coming home.

Last Wednesday, I had the first portion of my VIP day with Paige. It felt like the culmination of our relationship…of course, only up until this point, because we have so much more left to explore in our relationship!

I KNEW I was always going to work with her. And she showed up exactly when I needed it. It was during the week of my “Lindsay is freakin’ here with a shit ton to say…look out biz world.” She held space for me in a way that no one else would have been able to last week…as a friend, a colleague, and a guide.

The call opened with a card reading. I was crying almost instantly. I knew exactly what she needed to tell me. I may have opened my healing in April with the birth of my biz, but there was still work to be done. My favorite part of the call: when she said to me so lovingly, “This was always the path.”

That’s EXACTLY what I *still* need to remind myself…especially as shit uplevels.

After I let the tears flow, I exhaled and we got the fuck to work. It was almost like she opened my own channel. Here I was…ideas flowing…and the 3 hours FLEW BY.

And now for the love letter.

I feel like I have a front row seat to watching her blossom and step into her power. And it’s funny, I know she’d say the same thing about me. (OMG…she was there the day I realized what my purpose was. And now she’s helping me see it out. Fuck, that’s amazing!)

This woman is a goddess, a teacher, a friend. I’m soooo thankful to have her in my life. She means the world to me. She has introduced me to people whom I love and trust and has supported me in so many ways (whether it’s shouting about me from the rooftops or just showing up to a coffee chat).

Begin your relationship with Paige if you haven’t already.

She’s going places. And she’ll take you with her.

And if you’re ready to step all in… …this intensive WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE + YOUR BIZ. Srsly.

❤︎ There are not enough hearts for the love I feel writing this ❤︎

Thank you, Paige, for grabbing a spoon and working alongside me. I can’t wait to change the world with you.”


Lindsay Padilla -Teaching + Learning Consultant for entrepreneurs!

Nicole Jackso Miller- The Project Designer